Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another day...

Well, I talked to the office. I start Lupron on 12/4. Yay. I hope that some day soon my brain realizes that this is happening. I'll then go in on the 15th for bloodwork and an ultrasound. Then add estrace and cut back on the lupron (assuming that study is ok). THen return on the 29th for another ultrasound/bloodwork - to check on the lining. If all is well, should be doing a transfer the week of January 9th. Hopefully earlier in the week as I took that week off work.

Just hope our donor is good.

I found out on Monday night that one of the ladies I work with had a miscarriage over Thanksgiving. That just sucks. She has 3 kids already, but I'm sure it's still rough. It brought back memories of my miscarriages. I've had 4. The first was on Mother's day. Doesn't get much more ironic that than, eh?

Friday, November 25, 2005


Got a + OPK last night and this morning. Expect that I'll O in a day or two. I felt some twinges in my right ovary today. Once I O, I'll start Lupron 7 days after that. Not really looking forward to that.

Then in 10 days, I'll get an ultrasound and estrogen level. Hopefully it'll fall on a Thursday because then I won't have to take off of work. Because 2 weeks after that, I'll have to have another ultrasound. Fun stuff as we have to drive 2 hours for that appointment. Nothing much more fun than driving 2 hours to get a cooter cam. Ugh.

Hope that all had a great thanksgiving. We went to a friend's house. Apparently my husband's Grandmother thought we were going there for T-giving. Not good considering I have to be on call today and tomorrow.

No shopping for me today. Cannot abide the crazyness that accompanies it especially the early morening shopping (at the evil empire - Wal Mart.)

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I'm now waiting to ovulate. 10 days after I ovulate, I will start the Lupron. I've never taken this before, but I do understand that some people have significant side effects from Lupron. We'll see.

My big beef with my RE's office is their lack of assistance with giving me some sort of itemized statement so that I can turn it in to my flex program and get reimbursed. Seems like when someone is making 13 thousand dollars from me, they could be a little helpful.

I haven't mentioned this, but I'm also a doctor. Guess that makes me a little more pissed. We do lots of things to help our patients so they are happy with the care we give them. So why can't these people do the same thing? Blech.

I don't think my brain has accepted the fact that we're getting ready to start this. I am kind of ambivant about the whole thing for now. Guess maybe when I'm chemically menopausal from the Lupron I'll take notice.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Donor egg

Well, we are getting ready for our donor egg cycle. We were supposed to be in progress now, but our donor just got a job promotion and needed the week of retrieval off for job related traveling. Put a big damper on me, as I had just picked up my medications for my part and we had paid for her meds.

So we will start Lupron 7 days after I ovulate this month. Today is CD#1 for me, so we're probably looking at starting Lupron the first week of December or so. Fun stuff, I'm told.

I just found out today that a girl on a loop that I"ve been on for a couple of years just lost her 6 year old. (why do we say lost? He's not lost really, he died from complications of asthma). How sad is that? When I hear of stuff like this, I wonder why I want children. Why do I want to love something so much that if something would happen to them, that I would certainly want to be dead too?

I am not very good at this, so I'll just keep working at it. Hopefully, I'll be more consistent and with practice, get better. It would be something to look back upon if our IVF works. If not, I'll probably delete it.