Tuesday, August 29, 2006

35 weeks

That's me today. Wow. Time is flying by, for sure. FLYING by.

Going to NST's twice a week. The good part about that is I get to lay down for 30-45 minutes.. YAY. LOL. It's also kind of fun to hear him moving around on the doppler that's place on you for that entire time. He still can move and I don't really feel him, weird.

Last ultrasound (last Thursday) showed him to be about 4lb 10 oz. He's growing just fine, thank you very much. He also measured right on for his size/due date.

I am SOOOO tired of people saying "you are so small". Grrrr. Everything you can objectively measure me by is right exactly on dates. I keep getting the implication with the "you're so small" comments that "you're not gaining enough to sustain that other life"". I know that most are not saying that, but that is how I feel at times. Yet another thing I'll put on my list of things not to say to people.

Near us, about 8-10 miles away, last Thursday were tornadoes. They estimate one of them to have been about 1/2 mile wide. A friend of mine was watching it (yeah, I know, she should have been in her basement) and saw 4 smaller ones sprout from the large one. One person died, many lost their houses.

There was also a dairy farmer who lost about 200 head of cattle when his 4 barns were destroyed. I heard that it was like a war zone where those poor cows were :(

Our new weather radio, however, works GREAT! It gave us the heads up on the tornado warning (where we live, we would never hear the sirens in town).

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another day, another NST (mostly pg related post)

I am currently 33w2d. Amazing. I can't believe that we're this far along. Finally hubby got the baby's room painted, and most of the border put up. We're doing a Classic Pooh theme (mostly, we'll also have some Disney Pooh hanging). We won't have the crib up until his parents get here in October, because they are bringing it from PA.

I go now for twice weekly NST's. So far, this guy has been great. Doing what he is supposed to do :). Had an ultrasound today, he weighs about 4lbs 10oz. IN the 40th percentile and measures right on with all the measurements. I'm very happy

I'm still working. I plan to work until I deliver, hopefully. Although I find myself exhausted at the end of the day. Sigh. OF course it doesn't really help that I'm busier than I've ever been. Last Friday I worked from 7:30am until midnight. Guess people continue to get ill and SOMEONE has to take care of them. Heh.

Don't have much more to say right now. I'll try to be better with posting, but not going to bank on it.