Thursday, June 22, 2006

Assorted stuff

We have returned. The road trip was over 3K miles, but a lot of fun. I drove most of it as I love to drive and hubby can do other things in the car, like read. I cannot read in an auto. It makes me ill, ugh.

We managed to get through Chicago without much hassle, which is always a plus (on the way out that is). We did go to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals - awesome game, awesome time. So HAPPY the Hurricanes are the 2006 Stanley CUp Champions!

The friend's wedding we went to was great. The reception was ok. They had given the DJ a list of over 80 songs to play (IN 3 HOURS) what were they nuts? There was a huge thunderstorm which took out the power for a short while. Fun stuff :)

We then went to Hubby's parents where we stayed for 5 nights. His sister gave us gobs and gobs of stuff. Car seats, strollers, clothes, toys, LOTS. They also had a surprise baby shower while we were there, which was neat.

On the way back home, we stopped in my hometown and ate at my favorite restaurant. Luigi's. It's in Akron, OH and if you get the chance to go, go. YUM.

The trip back home was ok... just took over 2 hours to get through Chicago that time. BLECH.

PG ment:

Had my 25 week appointment today. Everything so far is doing well. I have been having a trace amount of edema, but OB not too worried about it at this point. Next visit will be with the 1hr GTT. Fun. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Wednesday morning at 7:30.

Been feeling the munchkin move a lot. Some of the kicks are almost painful - it's the one's where it feels like he's rocking on my cervix. Yeesh.

Hope everyone is doing great!