Saturday, July 22, 2006


That's what I've got. Stinks.

I'm 29w4d today. Had my 28 week checkup last week and along with that was my GTT test. For those of you who have not taken it, it is drinking this icky sweet stuff, then waiting one hour to get stuck. I failed. Normal is up to 140, mine was 181. My OB said that I could either take the 3 hour or be treated as GD. In his experience, if you fail the 1 hour that badly, you tend to fail the 3 hour.

Now with my job it is very difficult to take a 3 hour segment of time in the early morning to get stuck, drink sweet liquid, sit around for 3 hours and get stuck once each hour (without eating or drinking anything during that time). So I opted to be treated as GD.

Now I've only gained like 8 pounds this pregnancy so far. Which I feel weird about, but the OB has not been worried about. Much of that weigh gain came in the face of pastas, milkshakes, etc. None of which I can have :( Even with giving all that up, my fasting (morning) sugars have been higher than what they want to see. My 1 hour after eating numbers have been "close" but many have been a little over. So I think he was right :(

The scary part is it puts me a higher risk of developing diabetes in the future :(. Guess this is my impetus to lose weight after this baby is born.

On other fronts... Last week was hotter than a, well, hot. I live in Minnesota. Last weekend, temps were close to and in some parts, over 100 degrees. Talk about hot!

We did, however, go to the big baby store and register. We've also registered at Tar&et. Amazing what this baby needs, eh? It was fun though :)

Friday, July 14, 2006


Well, it's been hot around here. It's not supposed to be this hot in Minnesota, is it? This weekend we're looking at 95+ temps and heat index of over 100. Yippee.

We also haven't had much rain around here. Did get a storm last night, but we sure need rain. I know the farmers are wanting some good soaking rains. Hubby was outside with the dog and came in and said, our grass is crunchy. Not normal!

Update on PG stuff:

Had my 28 week appointment yesterday. Everything looks good. I measure right on target. Have gained a whopping 8 pounds during this pregnancy. OB is happy with that so far. Cervix is long and closed and firm, he's happy about that too (as am I, of course)

Had my GTT today (1 hour) and failed :( 186 was my result, they like it under 140. My OB told me that in his experience if your 1 hr is that high, you tend to fail the 3 hour. So I get to see the NP and get started on a GD diet. Also, since being on lovenox (a blood thinner) shots since last August isn't enough, I'll get to do fingerstick blood sugars too. yippee.

All in all though, things are still going well. This little guy is a mover, that's for sure!