Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hot hot hot

Baby, it's hot outside. I live in Minnesota... it was 95 degrees today - in May! My goodness! Even our dog didn't want to go outside, and she loves it outside.

Not much else new. We're going on a big road trip starting next Saturday. Leaving to go to NC. Our friend is getting married. We're then going to go to PA to visit hubby's parents.

Should be fun. We have a new Civic Hybrid which gets great gas mileage (over 50mpg), but we're going to take our truck. Just can't picture me getting in and out of the Hybrid at 23/24 weeks pg. Not only that, the seats are not that comfortable on long trips, ouchie butt!

Besides that, I love my truck. It too, is a Honda. It's a Ridgeline, and even though it may look funny, it drives so like a car and rides great. None of that "bouncy" stuff that you feel in most trucks. It also has XM radio which will be key, since the Stanley Cup playoffs will be going on and we love us some hockey.

We're hoping that the Carolina Hurricanes get to the Cup finals - and we'll try our best to go to a game while we are there.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

bad bad blogger

What is new with me? Not much. Just watching time fly. I cannot believe it's been 2 weeks since I posted something. Bad me.

We went to Florida last week (Wednesday to Monday). Orlando. Hubby was in a "competition" for school and I tagged along. It was nice to be the one laying in bed for a change as he had to get up and go early :D. He was in 3 competitions, got called on stage for all three, and placed 3rd in the one. Not too bad :)

My problem was my back. It started hurting Thursday morning :(. I've had back problems before and this was my normal back pain. OUCH. IT did get better before we left, but I didn't do much. But that was ok too. It was nice to be lazy!

I am currently 20w5d today. We had our "big" ultrasound last week. Everything measured right on to our due date (had the ultrasound on 20w2d and we measured at 20w2d!). Weight was 12 ounces (said that was 51st percentile). So we're dead on :)

BTW - it's a BOY! We're both happy with that.

I still think I just look fat. I don't look pregnant to me, but hubby thinks I look pregnant. I am wearing mostly maternity clothes, but can still wear some of my regular pants (2 pair).

So far, so good. We're moving close to that "viability" stage. Maybe, just maybe, we're going to get a real live baby out of this.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday - again

I have been the quiet one. Things here are going along fine... So far. I am working hard on enjoying this pregnancy, but I have to say it is difficult. It seems unfair to me that I have to WORK to enjoy my pregnancy, yet the majority get to just enjoy.

We did some yard work yesterday. Hubby HATES yard work... now let me tell you he KNEW that there would be a lot of yard work when we bought a house with nearly 12 acres, 6 of which need mowed and tended to. Men! I sat on the riding mower yesterday and got a wee bit burned, but not bad. It wasn't really hot out and yes, I was drinking my water :)

We're going to Florida on Wednesday. Hubby won some competition in school, and now is competing in the nationals. So he gets his trip paid for, and I only have to pay for mine :) I'll get to see him a bunch too, which will be nice.

Pregnancy talk:

I am 18w6d today. Amazing.

Had an ultrasound last week to check on my cervix. It is nice and long and closed. 4.3 cm long to be exact. Got the tech to look at the baby too. It was fun watching him move around :). Also looked to see if we could tell, and the "him" in the prior sentence is most likely correct! I'm pretty psyched, as hubby is the only boy in his family (he has 3 sisters, 4 cousins and 3 nieces - all girls). He is psyched too. We've been talking about names.

Had my quad screening done too. Still waiting for those results. We'll then get either a level II ultrasound or a regular anatomic survey, depending on the results. If we get the Level II, we have to go to the cities, which makes it a little more difficult to do, but not impossible :)

Hope you are all doing well.