Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weird Dreams

Ugh. I hate my dreams. I always have weird dreams. Often I wake up and want to tell hubby about the dream, but it makes no sense, even if it made perfect sense prior to trying to tell.

Most recently I've had dreams about childbirth. Two of them. Both times I'm having the baby somewhere weird... like in a mall or in a restaurant. Each time it seemed rather "easy" strangely enough. Now I'm a great chicken. I'm awaiting to hear if our hospital is going to have epidurals prior to my giving birth.

Now, we have a very small hospital where we live. If there is any chance there will be any problems with the baby, then we'll go to the big city for birth. (or problems with me for that matter).

My dream last night was weird. I had a friend who had just gotten pregnant, and was showing me her pee stick. This was such a neat pee stick though... it gave you hcg numbers and also told you if you had a bladder infection (and some other things too). I had to take one to see what mine showed, and my hcg was quite high, and had no infection

Weird stuff!

Next visit is Wednesday. I'll be 17w1d then. YIKES.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

I've been trying to think of something to write about, but can think of nothing. I am quite the bore.

I have days where I think "wow", this is happening. I am 15w5d today. This is the first holiday ever that I've been pregnant.

We had some friends over for Easter dinner. I decided I wanted to make devilled eggs. I am a reasonably good cook, but damn, boiling eggs became an ordeal. Took two tries @@. But the eggs did turn out good in the end.

Hope that everyone had a good, or at least tolerable, Easter.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Had my appointment yesterday. Got there at 2:50 for a 3:00 appointment. The lady at check-in says "you were supposed to be here at 2:30 for a lab appointment". Well, I failed mindreading 101, so didn't make it. They told the OB's nurses that I would be late (not really a huge deal as we -OB and I- are friends).

So had to get on that scale thing. I have LOST 5 pounds. Now I've had no true m/s, but can't always eat very much. OB not too upset, as I did start out a bit overweight. (Even given the fact I"ve lost weight, my clothes still don't fit).

Nothing much new on exam. BP good. Heart the HB again... that is the sweetest sound.

So far, so good.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wow, time slips by. I've been somewhat remiss here.

Work has been quite busy. Then I've just been so tired when I get home. I've been reading blogs and there has been some sadness in the blog world. Julianne and Statia with their neg IVF cycles. Another loss at about 14 weeks.

Should I say I'm scared out of my mind right now? I'm at 14w1d. Scared spitless. Maybe I should invest in a doppler, but I can use one at work when I get the chance. But I would most likely be more comfortable at home.

Hubby has taken to putting his hands on my belly and saying "we've got a baby in there". How sweet is that? He is so good with kids. I've seen him with his niece and he is so patient with her.

I find myself having those damnned DBT's daily again. Why? I've been trying to listen to what Liana had to say. What she says makes so much sense. I should be rejoicing in each day of my pregnancy instead of worrying. It's just not happening for me yet. And that makes me sad.

The belly is still bruised from the daily injections of Lovenox. On the plus side, we've met my deductable on the HSA so the 2K worth of lovenox was mine for nothing. :)

Next appointment is tomorrow. Wish me luck.