Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weird Dreams

Ugh. I hate my dreams. I always have weird dreams. Often I wake up and want to tell hubby about the dream, but it makes no sense, even if it made perfect sense prior to trying to tell.

Most recently I've had dreams about childbirth. Two of them. Both times I'm having the baby somewhere weird... like in a mall or in a restaurant. Each time it seemed rather "easy" strangely enough. Now I'm a great chicken. I'm awaiting to hear if our hospital is going to have epidurals prior to my giving birth.

Now, we have a very small hospital where we live. If there is any chance there will be any problems with the baby, then we'll go to the big city for birth. (or problems with me for that matter).

My dream last night was weird. I had a friend who had just gotten pregnant, and was showing me her pee stick. This was such a neat pee stick though... it gave you hcg numbers and also told you if you had a bladder infection (and some other things too). I had to take one to see what mine showed, and my hcg was quite high, and had no infection

Weird stuff!

Next visit is Wednesday. I'll be 17w1d then. YIKES.


Beagle said...

That sounds like a Star Trek pee stick!

soralis said...

17weeks + that is GREAT! I had lots of weird dreams during my PG too, and a few nasty ones after but they did eventually go away! :)

Take care and wishing you a wonderful rest of your PG

Kellieandkids said...

Congratualations on 17 weeks! YAY!

I thought I might just add, and of course you are free to do whatever you want, but you might just want to do some research on epi's I had one with my last child and never will again...the reason? An epi can lower your blood pressure...because of this they pump you full of TONS of fluids...this in turn causes mommy to bloat like you would not believe after baby is born and because of this? My baby never latched and I ended up pumping breast milk for him for 10 1/2 months. Now, if you don't plan on breastfeeding, you might not care, but if you might want to consider that. There are other issues with epi's too, but that is my main one.

UtRus said...

hi kellie
my first visit to you :) i hope you're feeling good and congrats on 17 weeks. you are an inspiration. hugs

One Mother's Journey said...

Wow - 17 weeks! That's awesome Kellie! I'm so glad your doing good.

I had some pretty bizarre dreams when I pregnant also - I do remember they seemed more vivid and real. Strange what happens to your body.

God - how cool would that be if HPTs could really give you your hcg level!