Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh my

I am starting to work on adding links to blogs I enjoy reading. So far I have one added because I'm on the computer that doesn't have all my links on it. I guess having a blog for 3 years, I should work on links!

Be patient, I'll have more links up soon, PROMISE!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Hope that everyone has a safe and happy one!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Too True

Long time

It has been a long long time. Do I have an excuse? Nope. Just life in general. That and being deliriously in love with my little man and well, just kept putting things off and putting off until you feel like if you do post, well then, who would still be reading?

We've been busy being busy. Went to PA in May. Visiting family. Took an airplane. With a 20 month old. Ugh. He kept trying to kick the seat in front of him and screeching when I wouldn't let him. DH put his head in his hands as if to say "I'm not part of this". Pissed me off! After the first 45 minutes or so, S fell asleep and that made things much easier.

Packing to travel on a plane with a toddler is a PAIN IN THE ASS. There is way too much stuff needed. Way too much. Even when you are going to a place that has stuff for the child to play with. So we had one large suitcase (weighed in at 49.5 pounds), and 2 smaller one's checked AND the bag with the toddler toys for the plane.

S is doing great. His vocabulary and putting words together is moving at amazing speed right now. He is 21 months old now. He says things like, "no more please" and "TRACTOR!!!!" (he loves tractors), "dat's my car" "kitty eat". Fun stuff :)

I hope that all are doing well..