Thursday, December 22, 2005

History Part Deux (same ol same ol)

So we left off where finally, get a positive on a home pregnancy test followed by a miscarriage. Well we were quite depressed, as you might imagine. To have the goal seem so close, yet still so far away. But the good news is that we COULD get pregnant... just have to try more.

So, out comes the monitor again and the charting. We can do this, we said. Now I've read up more and have read about luteal phase defects and low progesterone. I had the miscarriage in May... and low and behold, on our first wedding anniversary, another BFP! Now this one has to work, right? How could fate be so cruel as to give me a pregnancy and then take it away.

Fate can and is that cruel, as many of you in blogland know. I had a beta done and it was positive (double digits, but I can't remember the number). Progesterone level (I had to badger to get that done) was low. Started on suppositories, to no avail. Beta numbers did not double. Repeat 2 days, more of the same. Ultrasound, no sac, no evidence of a tubal, but it is likely that this pregnancy was either a tubal or a chemical pregnancy. Spotting/bleeding followed, beta levels to zero.

Next cycle... not starting as it should. On a whim, I take a test.. It is positive. Now, remember that the beta went to ZERO after my miscarriage.... So is it to be???

Nope. More of the same as the last. Low beta, slow rising. This time, had to induce a miscarriage with the drug put up the vagina (can't remember the name). Ugh.

So we're at 3 miscarriages.

More to come, I promise!


Lynnette said...

Hi Kellie...just found your blog at Liana's. Good luck with the upcoming cycle. I'm also doing DE and Lovenox for my next IVF (#5, did I say that?) If its ok with you, I'll add you to my blogroll...Take care.

Kellie said...

Thanks Lynnette.

Good luck to you on your IVF cycle! We're just heading into #2 IVF.